AC Chargers :

iPower AC Chargers is building a network of low-cost and smart EV charging stations through grocery stores, shopping malls, railway & service stations, council/business/public car park, cafes, restaurants, resorts, residential homes & flats and more.

iEngineering Group is proud to provide iPower EV AC chargers. Our range includes 7kW, 22kW & 43kW. This product is a single phase and three phase EV charging box. Solely used for ac charging of electric vehicles. The equipment adopts industrial design principles. The protection level of the EV charging box reaches IP55, with good dust proof and waterproof functions, and can be operated and maintained safely outdoors. This series Electric vehicle charging box come in two versions: the cable version and the socket version.

AC Charger 1

Our Turnkey Solutions for AC Charger :

  1. Supply of EV Charger.
  2. Site installation work as per Australian Standards.
  3. Software installation & Commissioning.
  4. Technical support & training.
  5. Spare parts & Software upgrade.

E3 Charger:

AC Charger 2

AC Charger 3

E5 Charger:

AC Charger 4

AC Charger 5

OCPP Charger:

AC Charger 6

AC Charger Timetable 7

OCPP AC Charger Series-CE Certified:

iEngineering Group provides the high quality and cost-effective.


  • IEC 61851-1 Mode 3 fast charging
  • IEC 62196 dual Type-2 sockets
  • Charging speeds – dual 7kW (32A) or dual 22kW (32A)
  • Built-in overload and fault current protection
  • Built-in LED charging status indicator
  • MID certified energy meter
  • Built-in RCCB Type-B
  • IP grade 54 IEC 60529
  • CE Compliant
  • Full OCPP 1.6J commands support
  • OCPP profiles 1: Firmware Management and Remote Trigger
  • OCPP profiles 2: Smart Charging
  • OCPP profiles 3: Local Auth List Management and Reservation

iPower AC Charger 8

AC Charger Final

AC Charger 10

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