• Monitoring system
  • Controlling system
  • Networking system
  • Resources

Monitoring system

  • Transducer & Isolator
  • Digital panel Meter
  • Multifunction Meter
  • Branch Circuit Monitor
  • 發電機監控單元
  • Dual source Energy Meter
  • DC Energy Meter

Controlling system

  • APFC
  • Demand Controller
  • Power Factor Controller
  • Earth Leakage Relay
  • Energy & Process Monitor


  • 自動轉換開關
  • Manual Transfer Switch
  • ACCL
  • Prepaid Meter
  • Power Quality Analyzer

Networking system

  • Split Core CT
  • Converter
  • Gateway

MONITORING SYSTEM: Transducer & Isolator

Salient Features

  • Measured parameters can be programmed to generate equivalent output signals.
  • Override selection for desired value and range
  • Isolation between input to output or output to output.
  • Quick response time of 300ms in display and communication
  • 在現場可配置輸入和輸出參數上
  • User friendly interface to support remote monitoring and communication.
  • 易於安裝,並且是用戶可配置的。
  • Output signal is transferable over a long range.
  • Textile and manufacturing industry
  • Process Manufacturing/OEM’s

Digital panel Meter

Salient Features

  • Inbuilt Selector Switch
  • High resolution reading with autoscaling
  • Suitable for industrial panels, gen-sets, solar, pump control panels, etc.
  • Optional RS485 for data collection
  • Optional easy interface to PLC through modbus protocol


  • AC & DC Measurement
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Genset, Solar and UPS applications
  • In control panel to measure different electrical loads

    Multifunction Meter

    Salient Features

    • Easy navigation
    • Event recording with time stamp (all basic & power parameters)
    • Unbalance load and voltage with calculated neutral current
    • Dynamic communication
    • Optional digital output for all basic and power parameters


    • Monitoring Electrical Parameters
    • 控製/保護
    • In control panel to measure different electrical loads
    • 發電機和控製麵板

    Branch Circuit Monitor

    branch circuit

    Salient Features

    • Multiple branches of load can be monitored together
    • Can group the device as 3 phase load and single phase load
    • Faster communication through RS485 port (Modbus protocol)
    • Simultaneous sampling of Volts and Amps
    • Accuracy Class 1.0 as per IEC 62053-21 & Class 0.5 as per IEC 62053-22 Standards
    • Displays more than 25 parameters


    • Remote reading and control
    • Building management system
    • In control panel to measure different electrical loads
    • Ideal for billing in apartments/commercial complexes


    Generator monitoring unit

    Salient Features

    • Avoids the requirement of 2 different meters (energy and VAF in one)
    • Reduces the cost and simplify wiring
    • High resolution reading with auto scaling in LED
    • Energy consumption in counter even if CT is reversed


    • 簡單地配置Gen-Set控製器
    • Monitor health & Readiness
    • Remote operation & control
    • Multiple alarms & notifications

    Dual Source Energy Meter

    dual source energy meter

    Salient Features

    • Directly replaces 2 energy meters
    • Sensing dual source through 240V connection
    • Dual row display switches based on the source
    • Displays basic and most of the power parameters
    • Optional digital output separately for EB or DG parameters


    • To measure dual power source
    • Dual source energy billing
    • Industries, residential, commercial buildings
    • 發電機和控製麵板

    DC Energy Meter

    dc energy meter

    Salient Features

    • Multiple channels can be measured by a single meter, EN2450N & EN2450D
    • Differential current input for all the current channels
    • Programmable shunt secondary 50mV to 100mV
    • Programmable CT Primary for all channels up to 200A – for Hall Effect CT
    • 數據記錄能量等參數、負載hours and Ampere hours
    • Easy installation, Compact size, weight and simple wiring


    • DC Measurement
    • Equipment Monitoring
    • Genset, Solar and UPS applications
    • In control panel to measure different electrical loads


    automatic power factor controller

    Salient Features

    • Power factor controlling based on the capacitor bank switching history
    • Capacitor is automatically disabled when it is deteriorated beyond a certain level
    • Automatically learns the number of capacitors connected and the value.
    • Capacitance-based power factor correction takes care of variation in voltage and frequency.
    • Controlling based on VAR parameter and availability of built-in alarms
    • 用於站點可編程性的CT比率的靈活性適用於任何負載


    • Automobile industry
    • Cement Industry
    • Hospitals, commercial industries
    • Any manufacturing industry

    Demand Controller

    Salient Features

    • 1 sec. update for demand makes the demand controlling very precise
    • Field programmable demand parameters kVA, kW, kVAR and Aavg
    • TOU/TOD based controlling. Individually programmable demand level
    • Maximum demand controller can forecast demand and cuts off load as maximum demand crosses preset value
    • Communication: MODBUS RTU, RS485, BACnet


    • Automatic connection or disconnection of Gensets connected to common bus.
    • Process management
    • Maximum demand control & management
    • Energy Accounting & Balancing

    Power Factor Controller

    Salient Features

    • User programmable
    • Three phase sensing (it gives accurate measurement of PF
    • Automatic or manual control (manual control with power backup option)
    • Four quadrant operation
    • Optional RS485 communication interface


    • can work for any electrical Incomer
    • Fixed power factor corrections individual (e.g. motor, transformers, lighting, etc.)
    • 組固定功率因數校正(在組中連接的幾種設備)
    • Capacitor banks of tuned and detuned

    Earth Leakage Relay

    Salient Features

    • Inverse curve – Trip time to accomplish faster trip time for a higher leakage current.
    • High accuracy Earth Leakage Relay of class 2.0FS in industry
    • Programmable Earth Leakage Trip time from 100ms – 30s with password protection.
    • Continuous Display of Trip Leakage current (Programmable)
    • Wide selectable range of Earth leakage current from 30 mA – 30 A
    • Monitors and protects power systems from Earth Leakage Current


    • Protects life and property against overflow of leakage current
    • Protects motors / transformers / feeders / DG etc.,ensures reliable measurement and maximum safety
    • Complete protection for oil refineries, pulp industries, mining industry, electrical distribution & control engineering

    Protects control panels and switch boards from earth leakage current

    Energy & Process Monitor


    Salient Features

    • Real time monitoring and reporting
    • Composite system with EMS and PEMS
    • Desired reports like, Doff wise, shift wise, count wise, production, energy, UKG
    • Speed Vs Kw curve, trends, bar graphs, comparisons
    • Alerts on higher UKG, lesser production, utilization & power fluctuations.
    • Maintenance alerts based on run hours production cost analysis – Cost Audits – Energy Audits


    • Energy savings will bring down operational cost & increases the plant efficiency
    • Scheduling of preventive maintenance
    • Higher productivity- Lesser downtime
    • Effective utilization of manpower and resources

    RESOURCES: Automatic Transfer Switch

    Salient Features

    • Automatic start/stop operation of DG on mains failure
    • Overload tripping (optional) with inverse curve logic
    • Automatic transfer switch are provided with fire alarm / external fault trip feature
    • Inbuilt control switch for selecting auto/manual mode
    • Automatic transfer switch have high capacity to withstand short circuit
    • Optional RS485 communication and cloud


    • Monitor real-time system voltage and frequency
    • Monitor source healthiness and output for both Source
    • Wide range of motor operating voltage from 150VAC – 285V AC
    • Automatic transfer switch for commercial centers, manufacturing, medical facilities and data centers.

    Manual Transfer Switches

    Salient Features

    • High short-circuit withstand capacity
    • Quick-make & quick-break operation for transferring of loads
    • Operating handle with provision to lock in ON/OFF position
    • Safest changeover during the failure of a primary source
    • Facilitate easy installation and simplified wiring connections
    • Rugged design to compact environmental conditions


    • 發電機OEM的
    • Commercial buildings
    • Automobile Industry & Manufacturing Industry
    • Power distribution and Load Management


    Salient Features

    • ATS-W2H open transition switch are built for standard applications requiring the dependability and ease of operations.
    • Applications EB-DG,EB-EB,DG-DG and UPS-UPS
    • High End utilization category: AC33A/33B
    • Certified IECEE&CCC Certified to GB/T 14048.11.2008 and EN/IEC 60947-7-6-1 Automatic Transfer Switch
    • Optimal design of 63A through 250A driven by dual driving mechanism
    • RS-485 communication for Remote monitoring/controlling


    • Automobile Industry, Airport and Railways
    • Banking and Finance, IT, Malls & Commercial Buildings
    • Automatic transfer switch for commercial centers, manufacturing, medical facilities, and data centers.

    ACCL (Automatic Source Changeover with Current Limiter)

    Salient Features

    • Microcontroller based automatic source changeover with neutral isolation
    • Intelligent re-connection once trip has occurred due to either overvoltage or overload
    • Optional iACCL with Prepaid Metering feature can be given for DG side
    • Individual phase overload monitoring in 3 phase ACCL & overvoltage protection for DG
    • Power supply can be restored from sleep mode through MCB/Manual provision/ Mobile APP


    • ACCL perform intelligent tripping to save the age of the cables
    • Reduced wiring cost as single phase ACCL has separate control for power and lighting load
    • Automate power distribution, protect expensive equipment and prevent fatal risks
    • ACCL Logic for Currents up to 120 Amps is available

    Prepaid Meter

    Salient Features

    • User friendly contactless prepaid metering solution
    • Prepaid meter with LoRa helps you to make private network being independent of service provider
    • Integration of Gas & Water with the electrical parameters thereby, extending the flexibility for the user to budget expenses
    • Tripping of EB or DG consumption at pre-determined set point for protection & effective use of energy
    • Recharge your prepaid meter & have explicit view of energy usage & tariff rates from anywhere
    • Prepaid meter with LoRa supports long range communication up to 1kM radius


    • Shopping complex
    • Residential layouts / apartments
    • Utility
    • Employee quarters

    Power Quality Analyser:



    NanoVIP® ONE™is a modern power quality analyzer equipped with all the functions necessary for measuring and monitoring both electricity consumption and the main power quality parameters. It can be used on single-phase and three-phase balanced LV/MV networks as well as on DC systems.


    Compact & lightweight:

    Easily portable device with user-friendly interface


    Fully-loaded product at attractive cost


    Suitable for both maintenance engineers and professional auditors


    Salient Features

    • Split core CT allows installation without disconnecting cables or bus-bar circuits
    • Split core current transformer has a nominal rating from 5A to 1500A
    • Split core CT has an accuracy ±1% from 10% to 130% of full scale
    • Frequency Range of split core CT ranges 50 Hz to 400 Hz
    • Split core CT has shrouded core blades for protection during installation
    • Split core current transformers are ideal for retrofitting systems.


    • Split core CT are used for electrical load surveys & sub- metering
    • 分裂為能源法力核心CT是完美的解決方案gement, data logging & recording
    • Split core current transformer are designed for installation on branch circuits



    Salient Features

    • USB 2.0 Compatible & 2kV isolation between USB and RS485
    • Self powered, & zero dependency on external power source
    • RS485 supports two wire industrial multi-drop communication up to 800 meters distance and 100 nodes
    • Auto baud rate detection, No programming required


    • Ideal for connecting serial RS485 devices to notebooks or PC’s through an available USB port
    • Data communication in Energy Management System / BMS
    • Perfect for controlling/diagnosing manufacturing machines(CNC, Process Control Equipment, Barcode Scanners, Serial Printers)
    • Communicating with test and monitoring equipment.


    Salient Features

    • Web browser for configuration with Account based secured access, unique login details.
    • Configuration of Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP/IP Option
    • Completely isolated in both Rs485 and Rj45 side with configurable Rs485 baud rate, parity and stop bits
    • Optional storage up to 16GB, Built in RTC & One touch recovery (Factory reset configuration)
    • DHCP / Static IP support, LED indication for easy setup and troubleShooting


    • Gateway helps ling non-internet sensor and devices to the internet so that data, configuration and controlling can be made possible online.
    • It can work as bridge between Zigbee and GPRS for low cost installation.
    • Best usage with Energy Management System, Building Management System & Data Centres, etc.

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